Thursday, September 20, 2012


So we went to Poconos. Three weeks ago. And I'm just now getting around to sharing pictures, sigh. I do have two kids, you know ;)
Also, I must apologize for picture overload, but I have more than 300 of them, so this isn't even that bad. Enjoy!
Max's first time on a swing - he loved it!!!
 Funny faces!
 My cousin and I with the babies
 Princess Maya
 Cool dude :)
 Max's first time in a big pool!
 The girls chased Z and tried to throw water at him. It was funny and so cool!
 And then Max got his outfit dirty, and cousin Maya lent him her onesie. It was pink. And had ballet slippers on it. The big girls loved it and called Max a girl. And I took pictures, naturally.
 Bushkill Falls!!

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