Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Half a year old!!

Today, Max is a whole six months old! Half-way to a year! HOW did that happen? How?? Max is such a big little dude already. He's doing pretty well with sitting on his own; if he really concentrates, he can sit for a good 5 minutes now! He's trying a bunch of different foods (but that's a whole other post) and is doing pretty well with them. He's saying a bunch of sounds already: "ga", "ba", and "da" (just today). Of course his whining still sounds like "mamamama". The teeth have not come in yet (ugh!), but they look like they're just about to. Kiddo's about to go on his very first vacation in a few days.
We had a dr. appointment and our little man now weighs 18lbs3oz and is 26.5" long!
 He's already fighting back, huh?
 Say "no" to baby strollers!

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