Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Family Sunday

On Sunday, we headed to my in-laws' to celebrate Rosh Hashana. Now, we're not very religious (or even at all actually), but it's a nice tradition, plus who doesn't like to eat and drink lots of yumminess? Oh, and there was dancing. But I forgot my camera, so these are all off Z's phone.
I gave little Mister a couple of pieces of avocado. He loved nomming on them! But it has yet to come off his t-shirt and shorts...
Photobombed by my own daughter!
Sasha walked around the table clinking glasses with everybody 
 And then he fell asleep on me - he was exhausted. And I secretly enjoyed these 30 minutes!
 And then Sasha and her grandfather (Z's dad) danced. It was great!!

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