Thursday, December 29, 2011

My funny girl

Our little girl is becoming quite a comedian, I tell you. It's really great to see her sense of humor developing. She constantly cracks us up, and at the end of the day, we can't remember all her funny sayings to write them down.
Just the other day, as I was washing dishes, Sasha calls out to me "mama, you know what?" So I reply "What?" and she ever so sweetly says "I love you, mama". My heart just melts! Of course, she's learned to use the "I love you sooo much" when she is about to get in trouble for something, but you just can't resist it (trust me, I've tried!)
She is also ridiculously sweet and caring with her baby dolls (and her favorite Teddy, whose name is actually Teddy): always feeding them, bathing them, putting them down for a nap. When they "cry", she consoles them and rocks them. She lets me hold them sometimes too, cautioning me to hold their heads extra carefully. I hope this lasts till when her baby brother gets here (and at least until he starts stealing her toys, at which point all bets are off anyway ;))
Oh yeah, baby brother's carseat arrived last week and I'm so happy we have someone to test drive it for him!!
And the charger for my DSLR also came, so yay for decent quality, non-grainy photos!!

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