Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Feeling the holiday spirit

So a few weeks ago, if you'd asked me if I was excited for the holidays, I'd have honestly told you that no, I wasn't quite feeling it yet. This happens every year more or less, but this year with the move and all the insanity that comes with it, it was even harder. Presents were not purchased, some weren't even finalized, the tree wasn't up, the decorations were somewhere in boxes, in our garage. But last weekend, it happened: the holiday spirit has landed on our doorstep and took over our house! And it all started with a walk across the street to buy the tree:
Oh, the kiddo picked out this skirt all by herself, telling me "It's pretty good!" which we assumed to mean "It's pretty"
Papa made us some ahh-mazing cocoa (which may or may not explain Sasha's crazy dancing and jumping around that night...)
And yes, Sasha and I are wearing matching headbands, which was totally accidental, but made my little girl very very happy!
Then I started pulling out holiday crafts (we now have a sparkly sand art menorah and a foam tree on our mantelpiece), but I'll post about that separately. Tonight, we're making cookies, and next week it's latke time (and possibly some more cookies, hehehe) The presents are almost all purchased/ordered (though I tend to leave the wrapping til the last minute) And while the outside of our house still doesn't look like it, if you ask me today, I'd definitely tell you that yes, I'm indeed feeling the spirit of the holidays!

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