Saturday, December 3, 2011

Big girl bed transition

I've been dreading it for months. I've been preparing myself (and the kiddo) for months. She was so excited that she's not a little girl anymore and can sleep in her "big girl bed". In fact, before we moved, she wouldn't want to go in her crib for naps and bedtimes! The first night in the new house and in the new bed went so well:
She went to bed with some fussing and complaining, but slept so nicely! Nap the next day was a piece of cake! This continued for two weeks: cranky at bedtime, but slept great, easy naps; I was beginning to wonder why we put this off for so long. Then one morning, after Z left for work and I fell back asleep (instead of getting Sasha up), I woke up two hours later to a quite house: turns out kiddo was in her room, having changed out of her pull-ups and pj's, reading. Great!! Except that it wasn't. She refused to nap the next three days and made a giant mess out of her room. In the mornings, she's venture downstairs (oops forgot to lock the gate on her door), sing songs super loudly, or bang on her gate with her sunglasses. Bedtime continued to be hard. Then she napped (poor kiddo was exhausted by then). Then she didn't nap again.
Today, she ran around her room opening and closing closet doors for over an hour; then all was quiet - she was finally exhausted enough to fall asleep. And this, my friends, is how I found her when I went to wake her up:
Yup, she's on top of her comforter, wearing a swimsuit, flip flops, a hairbow in her hair, half covered with her baby blanket, and no pillowcase on the pillow (with her Teddy which her cousin Emily had given her)... I'm honestly waiting to walk in on her sleeping in her closet or half on her bed or under the bed or something. Sigh. I'm hoping it's just the excited of the new bed and she'll get used to it and stop climbing out/playing soon.


GAMZu said...

Two big changes at once... it's to be expected. At least she winds up in her bed most of the time by the end of her tirade. My son would NOT stay in his room, and putting a gate only made him have a monster freak attack.
Eventually they all learn. :)

Yuliya A. said...

Yeah, I'm happy she stays in there and I like being able to limit the destruction to only one room ;) I'm hoping she stops doing this soon though and just going to sleep.