Friday, December 23, 2011

Baby milestones

Itty bitty baby milestone: I am now officially in the third trimester! You know what that means? That means I have about 3 more months to go, ahhhh! Slightly nervous, but not in full-out freaking out mode, which is good, considering how much of a worrier I generally am. We have most of the big things, some clothes for the kiddo, and ordered the carseat the other day. And we even have some diapers, so I feel pretty good about it. 
Kiddo was in the 90th percentile, as of my last ultrasound a few weeks ago, so still measuring big (although they're mostly worried about him measuring small, which clearly isn't an issue with my kids!) Still no name, which is really bothering me, but I'm determined to go to the hospital with a name picked out, we'll see  how that plan works out for us...
And in the big kid news: we had an appointment with Sasha's new pediatrician and she's a sweetheart, so yay! Sasha really liked her and was a chatterbox (and she's usually pretty shy around strangers). Big girl is now 30lbs and 37" tall (25th percentile for both) and everything looked perfect. 
We found a pre-school for her which we really like and she's starting in January. She'll be going 3 days a week till at least July or August, and then start full-time in September. I'm really looking forward to her getting some new friends (that are real and her own age!)
Oh, and I broke the charger for my DSLR, so while I'm waiting for a replacement to arrive from Amazon, I'm saving the battery in my camera and using our old point and shoot (basically, I'm hoping the batteries last till New Year's Eve, in case the charger doesn't get here before then)
And speaking of New Year's Eve - we're hosting it this year, ick! We'll have a bunch of family over here, which will be fun, but it's only a week away and I'm busy planning and preparing.

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