Monday, September 26, 2011

We're back!

... but I've got no pictures to share yet, because as usual I took way too many thus subjecting myself to having to sort through and edit them all. Sigh. Will post them soon.
We had an amazing trip though, the weather was icky, but you kind of expect it going to Ireland. We had so much fun, Z was so amused by the insane amounts of sheep and cows that were grazing at literally every turn of the road. Oh, and speaking of the roads, holy moly, I was scared! These are the narrowest tiniest roads ever, with a crazy speed limit of 80 km an hour (which Z joked was probably a record somebody set driving there). By day 2, my amazing husband was used to driving on the "wrong" side of the road and was passing other cars like noone's business. The history of Ireland is just amazing though and seeing it all first hand was mind blowing (one of the guides at the Newgrange tombs used the word "fab" to describe the place, which made me squeal with joy and fall in love with that place so much more!) Five-thousand-year old passage tombs, 800-year old abandoned monasteries, 300-million-year old cliffs! Green pastures as far as the eye can see, delicious and hearty dinners (complete with some sort of potatoes, naturally), and the beer (which I didn't try, but judging by Z's giddiness which each beautiful pint of Guinness, it was good). Oh, and we totally stayed in two castles on our trip, yeah, we're badass!

More pictures later, I promise. Oh, and we got a disc with Sasha's professional pictures in the mail, so I'll be sharing those as well, they came out so cute!

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