Thursday, September 1, 2011

September is here!

I can't believe September is here already! When did that happen? Where I come from, fall starts promptly on September 1st - first day of school, chilly fall-y weather (although it starts getting chilly a good couple of weeks before that). Here in the states, summer lasts a few more weeks and I like it that way.
This month is going to be absolutely nuts for our family and I'm sure it'll fly by. In just two days, my "little" sister is getting married!!

Then two days after that, kiddo turns three whole years old (although I'm quite alright with that and really excited about her party... and hey, this year, I even remembered to make an appointment to get her pictures taken!)
Our family is sticking around for another week or so, which means more playing tourist in NY - and I just love that.
 And then to cap off this fabulously exciting month, we're heading to Ireland, just hubby and me!!
That's Cliffs of Moher right there and we're going. We're also staying in various castles the entire time... I'm not bragging or anything (we did get a killer deal on this trip though)
So yeah, I think I'm excited about this September. Really excited. Let the fun month begin!


Gina said...

How fun! We have a packed September as well. I'm jealous of your Ireland trip - that's on my bucket list!

Yuliya A. said...

I'm soooo excited for Ireland - I've always wanted to go :)
Have a great September ;)