Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little Picasso

We've been doing a lot of cuddling (and hanging out, and reading, and playing, and some tv watching) since we got back - I'm also on an insane soup kick from having had soup literally every day in Ireland, although the kiddo doesn't seem quite as excited as me about that (but I'm going on a tangent here) We also did some drawing over the past week (taking out the paints now too) and here's what Sasha came up with - she calls these her presents for me!
This one is the sun (albeit a mean looking sun) and butterflies all around it
This one is by far my absolutely most favorite picture ever - it's Sasha and myself, holding hands! And I'm totally digging the hair on both of us ;)
Oh, and check out how she "signs" her name - the scribbles above her head and all over (and near) the butterflies - yup, that says "Sasha".
Love her!

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