Sunday, September 4, 2011

My sister gets married

Yesterday, my little sister got married. To this awesome guy she's been dating since junior high. They're a perfect couple and they had a perfect wedding. I have over 600 pictures (since I like to run around with my camera and pretend I'm a photographer, you know) and that's after sifting through all the pictures I took and throwing out the really bad ones. So here are just a few, I'm sure I'll add some more later.
My parents, sister and I - I am a bit of a giant in our family
World's cutest flower girls - Sasha and her cousin Emily
Happy newlyweds :)
Father-daughter dance
The theme of the wedding was obviously "silly faces" ;)
Anna and Andrey are off to their honeymoon in Greece and Turkey (and we're all super jealous!). May you guys have a long and happy life ahead of you, with nothing but good memories, wonderful family, and loyal friends; a life filled with love, cheer, laughter, and above all togetherness. We love you!!

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