Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When it's too hot to go outside...

We stay in and do crafts. Sometimes involving toilet paper, sometimes paint-covered kiddo (funny side story: we were attempting to make Father's day presents today and as we were crafting, I told Sasha that these are going to be surprise and not to tell papa or anyone what we made. So as soon as we sit down to eat dinner, she looks at papa very excitedly and says "We were making presents today". Sigh. She will not make a good spy)


Anonymous said...

How long did you bake the crayons for? They look very good. I did this once with my kids, but I think I left it in too long because the color sank to the bottom, and a clear brown wax gathered on top.


So it was fun, but now we don't use the crayons we made.

Yuliya A. said...

I had it in the oven for 10, maybe 12 minutes. When I took them out, there was a little bit of a white wax on top, as they cooled, but they're still very usable!