Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Busy busy busy

Last week has been pretty busy. Good busy though. Sasha got sick on Thursday, the poor kid, kept pointing at her neck and saying that her throat hurt! Thankfully, it turned out to be nothing serious, and after staying home for a couple of days, she seemed much better. On Saturday, she and Z went to the beach while I got to sleep in (they had a fabulous time together, though there are no pictures to prove it, hmm...) I had a brunch date with some friends of mine at Max Brenner (oh, my gosh, this place is like heaven!) Then we went to Z's coworker's BBQ which was a blast! Sunday was my cousin's birthday, so we had a dinner and desserts in the city. Monday was nice and relaxing since Sasha's in school, so I worked on some projects of mine. Today, we went to Sasha's music class in the city, stopped by Auntie Anna's to say hi, then had a coffee (and cookie) date with Z. Now, Sasha's napping as I'm catching up on things.
Oh, and did I mention the packing? Sigh, I hate packing. We're going to upstate for a week and a half, and we need a lot of things! I gotta say, the packing isn't going too horribly though, it's just that if I could I'd rather not do it at all ;)
And some pictures to compensate for the wordiness of this post:
Uh-oh, we're in trouble!

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