Monday, May 30, 2011

Crazy busy good weekend

Last night, as I was about to head to bed (uncharacteristically late), I thought to myself "Geez, I'm exhausted... and the weekend isn't even over yet!" We've had such a fun busy weekend, that today, honestly, we're laying low, relaxing. Cleaning. Maybe checking out a new playground. Not running around and trying to fit everything in the short 12 hours (or whatever remains of this day).
On Saturday morning, we headed to the Bronx Zoo to see one of Sasha's favorite cartoon character, little orange dinosaur Buddy - we had such a blast, Sasha even enjoyed the carousel ride with papa, until it was time to wait in line to take pictures with Buddy. I stood in line, waiting patiently, when at the last minute (and I mean one family in front of us), we were told that Buddy was going on a break and if we wanted to, we could wait about half an hour and he'd be back. So like a good mom that I am, I grabbed the kiddo and ran after the departing dinosaur, so that she could at least wave hi. It's a good thing she's so little and didn't realize what exactly was going on and was still very happy to see him.
We then dropped Sasha off at my in-laws' and headed to see Pirates of the Caribbean (which by the way, was really excellent). In the evening, we headed to the city for my sister's birthday party.

Sunday, we were back in the city for a pizza-making-and-wine-drinking class (which, ahem, was my sister's present for my birthday... last June) and it was fantastic!!!

Then to pick up Sasha, hang out with Z's parents, hang out with Sasha's cousin Jonathan, and then back home.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everybody!!

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