Monday, December 20, 2010

Who brings sick kids to school!?

Remember Sasha's cold a couple of weeks ago? Yeah, well, she got to go to school for exactly one week since then before getting sick again. All because some lady decided to bring her sick kid to school on Friday! Who does that anyway? How did she think it was better for her kid or for all the rest of the kids to bring him in? To top it off, I had two wisdom teeth extracted on Friday which made me more whiny and aggravated than usual. So my sick Sasha was with my parents, and we rested a bit. Then went to Ikea for a dresser for Z (which we happily built right away since we had the time!) And tomorrow morning is supposed to be Sasha's holiday party, for which she memorized a little rhyme to recite and I almost finished a snowflake costume. Needless to say, she's not going to school and I stayed up this late for no good reason. Except that I'll probably make her wear it tomorrow anyway. Because it's cute.
Oh, and speaking of cute, my parents watched Sasha on Thursday while we went to Z's holiday party and we came home to these adorable shots:

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