Sunday, December 26, 2010

How we spent Christmas

Well, since we're not Catholic and few places are open (although the poor FedEx people have to make deliveries: our delivery guy was ringing our bell when we were coming home at 10pm!) we decided to go visit with Z's parents in Staten Island. While we finished up some last minute shopping, Sasha napped and then we helped decorate their tree!
And then we headed to my cousin's house to hang out with his family (Sasha just adores her cousin Emily, who gave her one of her very sweet little teddy bears!) And then we danced, while the guys fixed the lights for their tree.
And on Christmas day, we went to see Christmas lights (we do this every year, and we were so excited for Sasha to take it all in this time, but she was too cold and too grumpy to appreciate the beauty of pretty lights!)

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