Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A picture post

I haven't been really good with updating in the past month or so, huh? Well, nothing much's going on here. Sasha's been sick since last week, but the doctor says it's just a cold (with a really icky cough) that'll run its course. So we've been mostly staying home and avoiding the cold New York December for now. Here are some things we've been doing the last few days:
Pretending to be ghosts!

Doing crafts!

Hanging out at grandma and grandpa's
Attempting holiday pictures
And doing more crafts!

And speaking of holidays, Sasha is so excited this year, she keeps saying over and over that New Year is coming soon and that we will have a big green tree and that we will dance (and jump, apparently) around it and that Ded Moroz (Santa) will come and bring presents. When I ask her what she wants for New Year, she says "podarok" - present. Silly girl! Her daycare is having a New Year party on the 20th and we're trying to get Sasha to learn a little rhyme, but I have a feeling that she won't want to recite it in front of all her class and the parents. And she's supposed to be a snowflake (I love that this place is having this very Russian celebration!), but I'm having difficulty finding a costume for her.

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