Monday, December 13, 2010

Another weekend in pictures

Our weekends are busy, what else is new! But I, for the life of me, cannot remember what we did on Saturday. Z went to Staten Island to get a haircut (because he only goes to the place in SI where he's been going for the past 10 years). He also picked up a New Year's tree for us there (the difference in prices between here and SI are unreal!). So Sasha and I stayed home and cleaned up a bit. Sunday, my sister and I went to the city (again!) to do some holiday shopping; we got quite a lot of presents, so overall the day was a success (minus me stupidly wearing sneakers in a pouring rain, getting completely soaked, and having to stop by Payless to pick up some new boots, which turned out to be both warm and comfy!) We then headed to my parents' house for a belated Hanukkah celebration (hey, you can never have too many latkes)
I almost bought a hat - ok, I didn't, but how cool is it!?
Looks like Aunty Anya is trying to eat the poor kid!
 A very serious conversation with grandpa

 Sasha enjoying a funny picture of herself!

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