Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Three years

Today, we celebrate out third wedding anniversary. It's been such a fun ride so far, with many ups and downs (but isn't everything in life worth having sometimes hard?) I love the man I married on that warm October evening more with each passing year. I had never imagined we'd be where we are today, but life surprised us in such wonderful ways, making us friends, spouses, and parents in such a short time. And through good times, and the bad, I want to be standing right next to this wonderful man, holding his hand.
Here are the pictures from our wedding day, our one year anniversary, two year anniversary, and today on our three year anniversary.

We celebrated by going out to the movies (saw Easy A, it was excellent!), then going shopping at Fairway (a very cool grocery store in Red Hook), and then watching our wedding video after Sasha has gone to bed (I totally imagine her watching it years from now and being ridiculously embarrassed by her dorky parents who *thought* they could dance)