Monday, October 4, 2010

First full day at school

I dropped off little Miss at school this morning and left under drizzling rain. It's been pretty much raining since then. It's so icky outside and I'm not feeling so great myself, so a good long nap really helped. Except that my usual 12pm came and went and I did not go back to pick her up. She stayed for the whole day today and as I'm writing this (hopefully) napping with the rest of the kids. I'm going to be honest, I'm nervous about her sleeping there, just because it's still a bit of an issue at home (although surprisingly not at either of her grandparents' houses!)
So now that I'm rested and finished reading Dan Brown's Lost Symbol (which by the way is fantastic and took me roughly four days to read!), I'm off to clean and wash and sweep and tidy up. And maybe start another book.

Edited to add: I spoke with the school director and, sure enough, our little Sasha did not nap today, sigh. She did, however, lay there very quietly with everybody, but didn't sleep. Yet somehow she had just as much energy as she does on days she takes an extra-long two-hour naps!

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