Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2-year pediatrician visit

On Sunday we went to see Sasha's pedi for her 2-year well baby visit (which of course was a month late with all the craziness of September). Sasha got her yearly flu shot, which she was just slightly upset about, and Hep A shot, long with some bloodwork. Yes, I chickened out this year again and had my husband come with us, so that he can hold her while they drew her blood. I had to leave the room, but to be honest, it wasn't that bad, Z said that Sasha didn't seem to be in pain, but was crying because she was being held down.
The dr. is very happy about how the kiddo is doing and developing. She's around 25lbs and 34" now (although the nurse has been measuring in feet and inches for a while now, since, you know, she's not a baby anymore.... so I guess 2'8")

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