Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jumping baby and a picnic

Yesterday was one of those days where you just don't feel like going anywhere. It was dark and cloudy and just plain icky. We did go to the library in the morning for a sing-along which was really fun! In the afternoon, after Sasha's nap and lunch, we literally hung out on the balcony for close to an hour. Because I didn't feel like going out. Sasha had a blast though, she waved hi at squirrels and little girls in the building next to ours. And she jumped. With both feet. I only managed to get a half jump on camera though:
I just love her little dirty feet, she had such a great time running back and forth! This kinda made the whole day better too.

And then, to turn the day around completely, my wonderfully thoughtful husband came home with flowers and a jar of Nutella (he's been made aware of a sucky day I was having) I'm glad to report that there's still Nutella left in the fridge, but man, is it tempting me with its chocolatey nutty goodness (ah, but I digress). We ended up ordering Chinese food and going to a park for a picnic, it was so nice to just sit around and watch Sasha eat rice with a fork (she missed her mouth a few times, there was rice all over her pants and the blanket, she kept repeating "eww" as we were cleaning it up) and play ball with her and cuddle and watch the sun set over the trees. It was a perfect evening. Thank you, honey!

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