Wednesday, May 5, 2010

20 months old today

Sasha's really getting to be such a big girl. Granted she's still throwing numerous fits each day (and it's about every little thing too!), but there's no way to just pass by the terrible two's... unless of course there is, please please please let me in on the secret!
She is into everything these days, she's figured out how to climb into her stroller, which almost gave me a heart attack a couple of times. She attempted to climb into her crib the other day, but didn't quite succeed. She now says over 50 words and is trying to put two-word sentences together. She sings and dances along with her favorite songs, it's adorable! She does a very very funny fake sneeze after someone sneezes. And shakes her little finger repeating "nu, nu, nu" (no, no, no?) when she does something she clearly knows she shouldn't be. She is just so much fun!! She's starting to enjoy pretend play, like feeding and putting glasses on her dolls, and singing to them; I'm thinking we need to buy her things like a doll stroller, maybe a play kitchen (any recommendations?) She is also absolutely obsessed with buses, it just started a few days ago, it's hilarious to watch her point at one and yell "aboo!"
I'm working on prepping her for her stay with her grandparents when we're in Europe. I'm a little worried that since she's so much older than the last time we left her with our parents, she understands so much more and is so aware of what's going on. In the end, I'm sure it'll go just fine (I hope).
Here are some pictures from yesterday: we played with some colored water since it rained most of the afternoon:
This is Sasha from our walk this afternoon:

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