Friday, December 18, 2009

A little update on us

I just thought I'd update on how Sasha, as well as Y and I, are doing. Little Miss seemed to have passed on her lovely cold on to me and then her papa. We're getting better (I think), although I'm not too sure we're going to be going to our swimming lesson tomorrow. Y got over it pretty quickly, but Sasha's and my noses are stuffy now (at least there's no more running mess!)
We're hoping to finally get that tree (non-Christmas - I'll explain at some point later) this weekend. Then we have planned to go out with my cousin, his girlfriend and her daughter to see the pretty pretty Christmas lights. Then a friend of mine is coming over on Sunday; so we better get better by then, huh?
And a few pictures, just because I couldn't leave my faithful readers (all six of you ;)) without any pictures:

Trying out a box from my new boots - she fits perfectly!

Too cool for school ;)

Helping me cook in the kitchen

Trying on grandpa's hat

Miss Sasha LOVES cuddling and playing on our bed!

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