Tuesday, December 15, 2009

15-month check-up

We had Sasha's 15-month check-up at the pediatrician's today. She needed to get the second part of her flu shot. Well, she had a runny nose since Sunday night, but we thought we'd go in anyway, if for nothing else, to just get her checked out. The dr. said it was probably just a bit of a cold (besides cutting a bajillion teeth at the same time!), so we decided to go ahead and do the flu shot. Now I'm starting to doubt that decision... while she's been acting fine and only a bit more clingy than usual, she has no fever; but it was such a battle to put her down for the night. Now, she's usually great about falling asleep: she babbles for a bit and falls asleep on her own. Today it took us a long long time with plenty of tears (the poor little thing) and me finally rocking her to sleep. We'll see how she is tomorrow; I'm really hoping it's just a fluke and she's fine.
Sasha is still at 30" long (or is it tall now that she gets measured on the big kids scale on the wall?). She did however seem to lose 1 lbs since our last visit, since she hasn't been eating all that well lately, again due to those teeth. It is absolutely no big deal and the dr. even said that kids tend to eat less at this age.

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