Saturday, December 5, 2009

15 months old

Sasha is 15 months old today! It seems like this month has gone by much faster than the last few, not even sure why. She's such a big girl already. She babbles a lot, seemingly saying full sentences, still in baby-talk, then waits for a reply to say another long sentence. She's figured out that she can walk backwards and is having a blast with that: she can take sometimes up to 10 steps that way, then walks forward and backwards again!
She now says 7 words (papa; mama; am - when she wants to eat; tapochka - shoe - to anything that goes on your feet, be it a shoe, a boot, or a slipper, and tries to constantly put shoes on her feet; pupok - belly button - which, in her interpretation, of course, sounds something like "kapuka" - but she means it and points to it every time; glaz - eye - it sounds like gaah; and dai - give me - stretching her arms out for the desired object). She "barks", when she sees a dog. We're working on body parts and other animal sounds with her now too.
She looves dancing and comes up to me throughout the day, points at my computer and does her "dance" - that's how she asks for music! She loves sitting and playing with papa in the evenings while I prepare dinner and clean up. She's cutting at least 3 (that I can see anyway) molars right now, so it's not fun for anyone involved; hopefully they'll be all out soon and we can get back to normally eating and overall happy kiddo!
Here are some pictures from today's "photoshoot" - didn't get too many, she was very very grumpy in the morning.

Kisses for Tobey

Looking for her "kapuka"

And here she is exactly a year ago today for comparison:

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