Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Bronx Zoo today

We had our family pictures done today (combination of Sasha's 1st birthday pictures and holiday pictures). After that we headed to the Bronx Zoo, since Y was home for the day. We had such a great time, even though it was a bit chilly out. Sasha seemed really into the animals, she especially enjoyed watching the seals swim around and did not want to leave the bug carousel we went on! Here are some pictures from our fun day:

Entering the Madagascar exhibit - see it's right there on the map

Sasha with papa

Sasha and I watching the seals

A cool-looking frog

The giraffes!

Mountain goat

At some point, Sasha demanded to get out of the stroller and walk holding our hands.

"Be careful. Tigers are nearby!" - love it!

This is how Sasha chose to ride at some point today

Enjoying the bug carousel - the kiddo loved it so much, she refused to put on her jacket, kept saying "nah-un" and shaking her head, and then ran back to the entrance!!

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