Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend recap and getting ready for our trip

We had a crazy crazy weekend (when was the last time we didn't?) Saturday, we went out for grandma L's birthday, Sunday was grandpa A's birthday, so the kiddo was very out of sorts by the end of it (woke up at 6am this morning - granted, we had a crazy storm last night, so that may have had something to do with it). We also had our last swimming lesson on Saturday, it was a little sad, she really enjoys swimming, so I think I need to sign her up for more lessons come September.
I packed a lot of Sasha's stuff for her stay with her grandparents when we go to Mexico this Friday. Haven't really packed our stuff yet, I have a feeling we'll be doing that on Thursday night. I have to be honest I'm a little nervous about leaving her for 6 days (mom, if you're reading this, I'm not nervous that you won't know how to do something, I trust all of you completely; I think I'm more nervous about being away from her for so long!) We're dealing with some pretty bad separation anxiety lately, where if I'm in the room and Sasha sees me, she will only want to be held by me, when I'm not around, she's perfectly happy hanging out with anyone else! In fact, we attempted to go to Outback tonight and she absolutely refused to sit in a high chair, she had to be held either by me or papa. So I hope she'll do better with her grandparents and auntie Anna once we're gone...

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