Thursday, July 30, 2009

My water baby

This kid of mine LOVES water, and who doesn't like splashing in water fountains on a hot summer day? And that's exactly what we did on the playground today:

This is what she looked like on our way home - she was completely soaked so I had to let her ride in just her diaper.
P.S. I'm working on another post with a lot of pro-pics that we had done in June. I just go the disk and going through them now, they're all great, so I'm picking which ones to upload. Hoping to post when Miss Sasha goes down for her nap later this afternoon, stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

How cute! My baby isn't all that into the sprinklers. My obys run in them all day long. I've been slowly putting her in the spray of water and letting her feet touch the wet ground.
Finally, today, it all paid off and she sat in the 2 inches of water around the sprinkler and didn't cry!
I had to undress her as well... next time I'll pack a dry set of clothing, like I do for the boys!

Anonymous said...

*boys. That was meant to be boys,not obys. I don't think I even have obys. ;)