Monday, July 6, 2009

10 months old!

Ok, one day late, but Y has been playing with the camera (and doing some pretty cool stuff to it) late last night so I never got a chance to get the pictures onto my computer. Here they are, enjoy!

We're now less than 2 months away from her big first birthday, so we really have to start making some plans for her party... Sasha now has 4 teeth (the latest one is the top left incisor, that just popped through). She babbles all the time. She loves crawling away from me so that I'd chase after her; she crawls, stops, sits and looks back to see that I'm following, giggles and continues crawling away; it's such a fun game. She now stands by herself (whenever she feels like it of course) and when she needs to get back down, she lowers herself onto her butt very slowly and gracefully. She has recently discovered our tupperware cupboard in the kitchen and loves playing with foil (hon, if you're reading this, we need to babyproof that ASAP!!) She's starting to get how some of her toys work, especially the ones that make noise/play music, she doesn't just idly chew on them anymore, she presses buttons, steps on them, etc. We've started introducing more finger foods to her, her latest favorite is raspberries from grandma L.'s backyard. She's so much fun!

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