Friday, March 20, 2009

Central Park Zoo

Wednesday afternoon, we met up with a fellow September baby girl Meredith and her mama Jennifer for a nice little get-together at the zoo. We all had a great time, but I have to admit, we the moms did enjoy it a bit more than the kiddos did. Nonetheless, it was a really fun outing!

All four of us - see the polar bear right behind Sasha?

She did not seem impressed with the penguins

This was a "children's zoo" part, so I reasoned that since I was with my child, I could crawl into one of these.

Miss Sasha insisted on standing holding onto the fence right next to sheep, whom she really liked

And then we met this very cool cow!

We also stopped by daddy's work to meet all his coworkers, who unanimously said that Miss Sasha looks just like him! She even got to program for a little bit.

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