Thursday, March 5, 2009

6 months today

Today, Miss Sasha is 6 months old! She's getting so big and learning to do all these fun new things every day. She now almost sits on her own, but would still fall over after a few minutes; she's definitely trying though. She is enjoying all sorts of new veggies and fruits we're giving her, she's even grabbing the spoon out of my hands and tries to put it in her mouth. Sasha is really so much fun to watch. She's such a joy.
We had her 6-month checkup and got some more vaccinations. It makes me sad watching her get the shots and cry, but then I pick her up, she looks around at all the pictures on the walls and quiets down. Her sleeping is now all messed up because of the shots, but she'll get back to her normal routine quickly, I hope. She now weighs 17lbs4oz (now in the 76th percentile) and is 26.5" long (85th percentile). Her growth was a little slower than before, but her doctor was not at all worried about it, so neither are we.
So here's my birthday girl:

She always makes this face at us, that's her latest favorite thing to do with her tongue.

Our happy little baby (even after the shots)

I think I may have annoyed her a bit with the sign, hehe.

Happy half-birthday, baby girl!

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