Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Max turns 1

Our sweet little guy turned 1 today. It really is such a bittersweet day for us: it seems that we just brought this tiny little person into our lives and yet, here he is, babbling, crawling, laughing, dancing, climbing stairs. Acting like a toddler! He's just such a joy and we love him to pieces. He now says "mama", "papa", "dai" ("give me" in Russian, which is his favorite word), signs "milk". We're working on other signs and words too. He's trying so hard to say "Sasha", but it sounds something like "Wawa". He laughs at his big sister and just adores her. My favorite moments are when these two play together (instead of stealing each other's toys). Max stood last night without support for about 2 seconds; in the bathtub, silly boy! Then today, he stood holding something in both hands, for 5 seconds. So he may be walking before we know it! He has 5 teeth and 3 more are coming in right now. We had an appointment with his dr. and he now weighs 21lbs 9oz and is 29" tall.
Papa and Sasha stayed home today for a fun-filled day. We had our traditional croissant with a candle for breakfast (he ate the whole thing!), went to the zoo and then Max went on his very first carousel ride, which he loved!

Then both my parents and the in-laws came over for dinner and to hang out with the birthday boy!
Max's party is on Saturday and we're busy getting ready. I'm so excited to see everybody!

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