Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All about my big girl

My big girl turned 4 and a half today. And we celebrate half-birthday because, well, why not!? Why not make a big deal about this special little person in our lives. Why not give her some extra attention. Why not have her tell all her friends that she's not 4 years old anymore, but 4 and a half!
My big girl is such a big goofball! She's hilarious, she's constantly making faces and making us laugh. She's sweet and caring with her little brother. She's curious and asks a million questions a day. Her brother is her best friend (unless Emily is around, then Emily is her best friend). She loves teaching him things and helping him. She loves books and she loves watching Tom and Jerry. She's started reading, both in English and Russian, which just absolutely blows my mind. And the thing is, she actually enjoys reading! I just love that! She's such a bright, funny, sweet little girl!

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