Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pink eye

Sasha woke up yesterday morning with goo coming out of her eye. It wasn't really even all that red at first, so I was holding out hope it wasn't that. But as soon as I pulled down her lower eyelid, there was no doubt that it was in fact pink eye (her first too!) We went to see the pediatrician and she's on antibiotics now, but this morning, her second eye was pink too, boo! She's in a great mood most of the time (except when she hears "It's bedtime" or "Dinner/lunch is ready", hehehe), acting like her normal happy self, so I'm hoping this thing is gone very very soon. Having sick kiddos is no fun!!
We did have Sasha's cousin Emily (and her parents, since six-year-olds aren't really allowed to drive) over on Sunday and we all had such a fantastic time hanging out... I don't know why we don't do it more often! I will do a separate post on that in a bit.

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