Monday, January 16, 2012

Funny things happen...

... when papa is home. Now that I can't stand on my head, climb under the table, and pretend to be a frog, I'm afraid I've become the boring parent (but to be fair, I've never actually did any of the above mentioned things). We like to read together, play "quiet" (and not so quiet) games, practice writing letters and numbers, do puzzles, cook (and "cook") together.... you get the idea, things that don't involve me lifting or running (except up and down the stairs).
But when papa is home, all bets are off. Yes, they read books and pracitce writing together (and papa's favorite childhood movie was apparently Alladin), and do puzzles, but papa can do so much more!
Yup, still terrified of the sparklers - silly kid!
This one doesn't really need any explanation, does it?
Papa tried on the Moby wrap - he says it's super comfy (even with the 30lbs toddler) and Sasha wholeheartedly agrees
Planking baby - this could've been either Sasha's or papa's idea - your guess is as good as mine!
Ok, this was before papa came down - we were watching ice skating and this was Sasha's impression of the couple's skating
And then she made papa twirl her around - good times!
I need to go somewhere amazingly fun with her, and soon, or she'll think I was no fun at all when she looks back at these pictures in the future!!

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