Thursday, September 26, 2013

A year and a half!

My little guy is a year and a half today! He's such a fun little dude to hang out with. He says around 35 words, including some animal sounds. He loves to read, any time he sees a book, he demands to be read to, I am so happy about this. He also just learned the word "camera", which makes me to so excited! He eats almost anything, but he'll eat any fruit ("toot") and cheese ("cheet"). He loves chasing Sasha and kissing her with a loud "mmmaaaa". He's starting to dance to music, especially if Sasha's dancing.
I think he is done nursing, which makes me a little sad, though I know we were both ready to be done.
We had his 18-month appointment and he's 32" tall and 24lbs. Which, funny enough, is the same Sasha was at 18 months!

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