Monday, December 10, 2012

Fun family weekend

This past weekend was Max's very first sleepover. It went better for Z and me than for my parents: we slept in until 9am and got some stuff done around the house, while Max decided to have a party from 2am till 4am; oops, sorry, mom! I think we'll wait a bit longer for another try, at least until he's sleeping through the night again. Saturday evening, we celebrated Chanukah with our parents, Sunday morning, my dad and Sasha went to a local Jewish center for another Chanukah celebration, and Sunday evening, we celebrated with Z's parents and grandparents. Let's just say, we ate a ton of latkes, lit a lot of candles, and got a ton of chocolate money (we also got Sasha a Tangled DVD, which she has yet to put down, go us!)
 My poor sweet girl was very tired after such an exciting day and didn't want us to leave (and she came down with something on Sunday, so she was probably beginning to be feeling icky by Saturday night)
 I love my silly boys!
His laughter is contagious!
Sasha and grandpa dancing!
Like I said, Sasha came down with something Sunday afternoon and had a pretty high fever, so we went to see her pediatrician, though it turned out to be nothing serious. She's feeling much better and should be back at school in a couple of days.

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