Friday, October 26, 2012

Seven months old

My sweet baby boy is 7 months old today. That is a whole month closer to being a toddler! And boy, is he growing fast! He's now sitting completely unassisted for long periods of time, he "talks" a ton more, and eats all sorts of veggies and fruits (he likes pretty much everything; I think we're going to try meats and yogurt pretty soon). He loves chewing on his feet, especially during diaper changes (which makes them super complicated lately). He adores standing when somebody holds him by the hands; he giggles so loudly!
We attempted monthly pictures, but evil shots were making Max super cranky, so we had to redo them after his nap
Big sisters make everything better!
My little assistant looking through her pictures
We went to the pediatrician today for Max's flu shot booster. She measured and weighed him very quickly and he didn't gain much: 18lbs10oz and 27" long (both around 50th %-ile). Next visit (and shots) are not for another 2 months; but he did so well, he only cried for a few seconds and was fine after that (well, except for the extra sleeping, but that's never a bad thing ;))

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