Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Foody post

So I've been meaning to post about Max's latest adventures in trying new foods for a while. And since editing pictures from our vacation is taking me so long, I thought I'd share these instead. We're doing a mix of Baby Led Weaning and purees. BLW is basically offering your child pieces pf soft foods that they can grab and gum and explore on their own. It makes dinners so much easier, although not quite as much food actually makes it into his tummy.
Carrot puree
 Avocado pieces!
 Pizza crust
 String bean puree
 Peaches - he loved them! And I adore this picture :)
 Spaghetti squash
 Baby mum-mums (the box says they're mess-free, yeah right!)
 Big sister likes to help feed the baby
Red peppers (check out those teeth!!)
He likes more or less everything we offer him, which is pretty cool. I've made some of the purees and bought  others. He's also eating buckwheat or oatmeal for breakfast and loves it. He makes "mmm" sounds when the spoon gets into his mouth, hehe. And last night, big (helpful) sister let him taste a piece of her chicken parm while both Z and I stepped out of the dining room for a minute, oops.


Katy said...

Going to read about BLW as it might be just the thing for my little one ...She's not much into purees

Yuliya A. said...

Yay! Have fun with it!