Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fun weekend

My sister and her husband were here from Boston this weekend for my mom's birthday and we had such a blast! She came on Thursday and stayed with us, we hung out, drank wine, and went dress shopping (no, not right after drinking wine). Max hung out with my aunt and cousin while we were shopping.
On Saturday, we had a picnic to celebrate my mom and father-in-law's birthdays. It was so much fun!
Max with great-grandma
 Max with Z's mom
Max, Z, and Z's dad
He likes to chew on my nose
Z's aunt's dog liked Max
My mom and aunt helped Max with some tummy time
My cousin with his baby girl
More cousins! I just love these four!!
And then the best part of the weekend was that Z had Monday and Tuesday off, so we got a lot of things done, applied for a passport for little Mister and even went to the Aquarium (pictures later). Today, he's back at work and I miss him.

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