Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Three months old

Today, Max is 3 months old. I can't believe how fast the time flew by and how big he's getting! He's got such a cute personality already, he loves to smile and giggle. Especially when he sees Sasha, I'm pretty sure she's his favorite person right now (ok, I might be tied for that spot, in the middle of the night when he's hungry) He figured out how to turn to the side about a week ago, but doesn't seem too impressed with that. He can now tolerate tummy time for a good 15 minutes at a time (which really seems to be helping with his previously flat/misshaped head) He sleeps in his crib at night, but still naps in his rock-n-play during the day. He's been waking up more often in the past week or so, which sucks, but I'm hoping it's just a phase. Generally, he's just a super happy laid back baby.

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