Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers' Day!

Happy Fathers' day to my husband. The guy who got the first smile from his daughter (Max totally smiled at me first!) The guy who held her little tiny hand the past almost 4 years. The guy who gets up with Max at 5am to feed him. The guy who still doesn't know how to swaddle properly (but it's ok, it's all about team work, I'm a master swaddler ;)) The guy who'd give anything up for his kids. The guy who taught Sasha, who's afraid of just about anything, how fun and awesome pools are (you should see this child attempt to dive!) The guy who is so sweet and loving with his kiddos.
And happy Fathers' day to my own, papa. The guy who held my hand whenever I needed him. The guy who helped me make my costume for a drama club performance. The guy who held me when I was in tears over a boy who broke my heart. The guy who will do absolutely anything for his daughters (and the grandkids too).
I love you both very very much!
And to all the wonderful dads out there, happy fathers' day!


Katy said...

The pics of Z with the kids are amazing , but the one with your father holding you as a baby was such a flash of nostalgia..

Yuliya A. said...

Thanks! I love them all, but I went to look through my baby pictures and had to share that one, I just love it!!