Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Party planning!!

It's party planning time in our house: Sasha's birthday is now officially less than two weeks away. I'm so excited!! I remember when she was turning one (and even two) I was very sentimental about "how did this happen so fast?!" This time around, I'm just so excited! She's still our little kiddo and will be for a while (although some days I do wish the "treacherous threes" would go by faster) and this is really such a fun age! I can have actual conversations with her (not about anything serious of course, but man, how fun is it to talk to your kid about what another kid at school said, whose birthday it was, that she's going to be the flower girl at her aunt's wedding and practicing walking and throwing petals around!) So this year, I'm not getting all sentimental, I'm excited for what this next chapter is going to bring!
And how can you plan a birthday party for this one-day-girly-and-the-next-a-Thomas-loving-tomboy girl without her besties, Woody and Buzz? Yeah, the kid is a bit obsessed, but they're super fun, and really easy to find party supplies for, so it's a win-win.
Got my package #1 out of a few in the mail yesterday and was giddy like a little girl! I think kiddo will LOVE it!


Gina said...

How fun!! I'm planning my son's 3rd birthday party for mid-September. I was going to do Toy Story but decided on Cars instead (since Cars 2 just came out!).

Yuliya A. said...

Aww, Cars 2 sounds like so much fun too! We haven't seen it actually, but Sasha can watch Toy Story literally daily and not tire of it ;)