Monday, August 8, 2011

House hunting

Why, oh why, is house hunting so stressful and complicated?? We saw probably 10 houses yesterday (I know, I know, it's an insane number of houses, but we figured if we were to drive an hour each way, we might as well see a whole bunch of houses). And what did we get out of this trip? Two houses that we like. One smaller and less expensive which I love and one larger spacious more expensive which Z loves. Oh, and a fixer-upper beautiful house which is a short sale, which we both love, but not sure we can deal with all the repairs... Sigh.  And we're still having to sell our current condo. Fun times! I'm stressed and dreaming about rooms, basements, and houses.
I haven't updated in a while, I have some cute pictures on my cameras, just need to get them onto my computer and then will share with you.

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