Saturday, August 7, 2010

A new road for us

We have officially started potty training. And by that I mean, crazy intense cold-turkey potty training. We explained to Sasha that she's now a big girl, put on pretty underwear and helped her throw out her diapers (ok, ok, we didn't throw all of them out, we have some unopened packs, so we are donating those, but we told her that papa is going to being them to a little baby who doesn't know how to pee or poop on the toilet)
We're doing something called the 3 Day Potty Training. It is supposed to take just 3 days if followed to a T ("supposed" is the key word in that sentence).You basically load your kid up on extra water/drinks during the day and remind them constantly to tell mama or papa when they need to pee or poop. By the end of day 3, the author claims it should "click". I'm crossing my fingers (and toes for good measure) that it does.
I made a fabulous little chart for Sasha so that she can put stickers on it when she pees or poops in the toilet, it already has 1 for today!
And it's not the neatest looking thing I've made in my life, but I've never been good at making neat-looking circles and Sasha kept stealing my markers, so I had to finish it fast!
Oh, and on the sleeping front things are going a lot smoother, even if not always easier. Z puts her to bed at night and she usually doesn't protest (and if she does, it's a little whimper or she may cry for a few minutes). I sit in her room when she goes down for her naps (which isn't ideal, but at least she's sleeping long stretches). As far as I'm concerned that is progress!

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