Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long weekend recap

When I typed that post title it was supposed to mean "recap of the long weekend". Then I looked at it one more time and it kinda looked like "a long recap of our weekend". I think it's actually going to end up being both, I have so many pictures to share from the past few days!
We had a four day-weekend and it was great (but did go a little too fast, as always). Jon and Grace got married this Sunday, so Friday Yevgeny and the rest of the guys had a fun night out to celebrate (of course there are absolutely no pictures of this event). The camera stayed with me while we went to my parents' house for auntie Anna's birthday get together. Sasha and I ended up staying over and I have to say, for the first night away from home she did fairly well (all things considered: loud neighbors, ice cream trucks, all the guests playing with her).

Hanging out with grandma

Jumping on auntie Anna

Walking with great-grandma

Grandpa and Sasha

Saturday, Anna and I went to the city to get our haircuts, she found a great deal someplace, so we decided to give it a try (Anna went out with her friends on Saturday too, so it was just in time). Saturday was the night of the rehearsal for the wedding, and the dinner at a nice place on Long Island, called the Davenport Press (it was lovely and the food was delicious!)

Grace with her bow-bouquet

You can see my new haircut here - it's really not much different than what I had before...

Then Sunday was the wedding itself. What can I say of this day other than it was so absolutely gorgeous! I do love weddings, but this one was just awesome. Everything went so great, everybody was having a great time, Yevgeny was the best man and made a very funny speech (he was a bit nervous about it, but it ended up just great!) Grace was an absolutely stunning bride and she and Jon were just beaming the entire evening.

Walking down the aisle with her father

Listening to jon's sister Heidi sing

You may now kiss the bride


My handsome husband - the best best man ever!

At the reception hall

Grace and I - how beautiful is that girl!!

Toasting with the new Mr. and Mrs.

Monday, we just really wanted to take it easy, after three crazy busy days, so we ended up barbecueing a little on our balcony. My dad came over for a little bit to hang out (my mom is in Russia visiting family for a couple of weeks).

"Mama, are you trying to distract me with your phone so that I won't notice the hat?"

"You will fail!" - hat off


Grandpa and Sasha

How sweet are these two!?!?

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