Friday, April 26, 2013

13 months old

 Our little guy is 13 months old today. He's such a silly, funny dude. He's always happy and is always smiling and flirting with everybody around. He's still not walking (or even standing by himself), but he crawls so fast, that I figure he doesn't *need* to learn to walk. I'm not too worried, he'll get it eventually. He's finally starting to point at things and wave at people. He's got 6 teeth and 2 more coming through. His hair is getting so light, just like his sister's. Speaking of his sister, he just adores her; and she loves playing with him. And stealing his toys. Which he, surprisingly, doesn't mind, he just crawls over to another toy and plays with it. He loves reading books and will repeat "chitai" ("read") over and over until you read him the book he's handing you.

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