Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Eleven months

Max is 11 months old today. So this is the last month post before he turns one! Oddly, I'm completely calm and not freaking out about it - yet? I'm sure there will be days when I'm not so rational about my little boy becoming a toddler. He's crawling all over the place now, we constantly have to make sure the gates are closed. He's still super clingy and likes me to be around him and using me as a jungle gym. He finally cut his 4th tooth (we waited for that one for over a month) and is cutting two more now. He's had his first haircut and looks a little more like a little boy now. He's eating almost everything by now and is still nursing several times a day. He climbed the stairs for the first time yesterday, with very little help from me, it was the coolest thing. He loves to wave (especially to the monkeys on the walls in his room when he wakes up), but isn't very good at clapping.
 I know it's mean, but how cute is his sad face?
He's my little garbage bandit - he opens the garbage cabinet and stands there!

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