Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I make small babies

Apparently, I make small babies. They come out big, but then randomly drop on the growth charts. Weird. I took both Sasha and Max for a check-up and they're both in 25th %ile for weight and height. Which is bizarre, considering how little Sasha eats and how much Max eats. Max is now 19lbs7oz and 27.75" tall. And Sasha is 33lbs12oz and 39.75" tall. Go figure. Both are perfectly healthy and doing wonderfully, according to the pediatrician. Sasha got a tetanus shot which made her super sick and miserable, but she's back to normal. She's done with shots until her 5-year appointment. And Max is done until his 1-year appointment. Making that appointment made me a little sad, but then I remember that's still in 3 months and I'm going to enjoy these 3 more months with a baby (NOT a toddler)!

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